Thank you for visiting

I created this website soon after I began to get serious about the novel I was writing. Because authors are supposed to have websites, right?

Then I got more serious, and decided even (very) low key blogging used up time that could better be spent writing the novel, so I stopped. In the fall of 2016 I took the further step of essentially removing myself from Facebook – which is where many of my tiny group of readers actually found their way to the site – some of the time. But I think I’m not going back there. Lots of reasons.

And now? Well, the book is still the priority. Having recently finished a carefully written and (mostly) coherent draft, I’m engaged in an effort to better understand the novel’s underpinnings – which basically means I’m studying the manuscript while I tear it apart.  I hope to complete that work by mid-January 2019, after which I’ll rework the two experimental chapters I’ve drafted (or eliminate them). And begin again. I love revising – really – so this makes me a very happy person.

At some point, I may get back to some other writing as well. In the meantime, the website serves as a space holder. If you’d like to contact me, here’s a email link.